UNHM Students Visit Dyn to Learn About Internship Opportunities

Students from CIS 685 – Professional Development Seminar can be seen here in front of Dyn’s wall of IP addresses and domain names issued by the company.

November 27th, 2012– UNHM’s CIS 685 – Professional Development Seminar class took a trip to Dyn before potentially applying for internships at the company. The DNS, email, SMTP, and Domain Registration company, situated in Manchester’s Millyard, gave a tour to the class of mostly seniors.

Dyn is a company with a very vibrant culture, which was obvious immediately upon walking in the door, where a novelty “switch to the internet” could be spotted. The number of cool, quirky items did not diminish after the tour began–a Kinect could be spotted next to a ping pong table in the cafe area, and in the hallway just beyond that was a vintage arcade machine beautifully restored to display the Dyn logo, and a rock climbing wall.

There seemed to be no shortage of freedom and creativity among the company’s staff, and each employee’s work space was made unique with various decorations. Some employees could even be seen zipping from place to place on scooters. We spotted a few familiar faces, as Dyn has employed a number of UNHM alumni in the past, including Bethany Ross, who we recently interviewed about her experiences at the company.

We learned a lot about the company and what it’s like working for Dyn. Dyn consists of three major departments: engineering, IT, and marketing/sales. No day is the same, and the work is very fast-paced. Although the employees are given a good amount of freedom, they are also held to a certain degree of accountability–you may not be expected to be at your desk every minute of the day, but you are expected to get your projects done.

All in all, Dyn was a very impressive workplace and well worth the visit. The company is rapidly expanding and always looking for talent, and anyone who is interested in working for Dyn is encouraged to apply online.

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