Student Story – Alex Scripcenco


Alex Scripcenco seen in front of the UNHM Pandora building.

by Erin Clark, English major

When you first meet Alex Scripcenco, you might be hard pressed to find a hint of an accent behind his excellent English. But for this graduate student, English is a second language after Russian and followed by conversational Romanian. Language barriers are just a small sample of challenges this student faces, but he is overcoming these challenges and taking full advantage of the opportunities here at UNH Manchester.

Scripcenco is in his second semester as a graduate student and is studying to get his Masters of Science in Information Technology (MSIT). After moving to the states from Moldova, Scripcenco applied to the new program in 2011 because his engineering degree is not recognized in this country. He was hoping to gain a good educational background, and had heard good things about UNH Manchester.

Scripcenco is currently working full time as a technical consultant for Sprint and taking grad classes part time. Someday he hopes to start his own business in IT consulting, but he hopes to work for a large company to gain experience first. Scripcenco chose this field because “it’s all about connecting,” and where education is such a huge investment nowadays, he wanted to be sure that what he was studying would be relevant now as well as ten years from now. Already, the field has developed tremendously since he graduated, and at times it can be challenging to catch up.

Despite the challenges, he is happy to be here and working hard. When I asked what the main differences were between the education here in America and back in Moldova, he said “back home, everything is much more traditional. Here, there are so many resources available because of the Internet. Everything is online, and you have more of a choice in what you can study here,” once again proving how great the resources and opportunities are at UNH Manchester.

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