UNHM Student Gains Valuable Experience from Internship with DEKA


Source: UNH Manchester News

In this economy where the jobs are sparse and the market competitive, it’s almost expected that college students will graduate with some sort of hands on, practical experience.

Alumni that participated in the Internship Program as undergraduates have reported higher starting salaries and higher positions available upon graduation than college students without previous experience.

For Scott Adie, a Computer Information Systems major at UNH Manchester, his internship with DEKA, a research and development corporation in Manchester challenged him.

“I had to learn a new programming language from the start,” he says. “I had never touched it before. And that entire summer I learned it and am very competent in it now. Now it’s one of the languages I use the most. So it really benefitted me.”

Adie’s summer internship worked out so well, his supervisors at DEKA asked him to come back for another internship in the fall.

“Internships get us into the real world, and give us a glimpse of what we are going to be doing,” says Adie. “And it prepares us even more than the University can because we’re dealing with co-workers, we’re dealing with deadlines, we’re doing projects, things like that.”

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