UNH URC/GRC Computing Technology Day 2013

After much preparation the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference Computing Technology Day was held on Friday, April 26. The event, which started at 8:00 a.m., was host to the Engineering Technology (ET) program’s Senior Project presentations as well as the Computing Technology (CT) program’s Student Research poster presentations. CT poster presentations began at noon, featuring presentations by undergraduate students in the BS CIS program and graduate students in the MS IT majors.

Students from Michael Jonas’ Capstone Project (CIS790) class, Mihaela Sabin’s Mobile Computing First and For Most (CIS415) and Internship Experience – Applied Research Project (CIS690) classes, and Peter MacDonald’s Database Application Development (CIS720) and Database Systems and Technologies (CIS820) classes presented their final projects. Michael Jonas and Jacqueline Tims also sponsored a poster for the Quoridor game project which has been used as a learning tool in the Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot course (CIS425) for the past two semesters.

To see the posters and read the abstracts, visit the following links:

  1. Capstone Project – Speech Modeling: Training & Decoding
  2. Capstone Project – Capturing Experiments With Speech
  3. Capstone Project – The Right Tool for the Job
  4. Capstone Project – ‘Oh,Uh’ Data Capture
  5. Capstone Project – On The Spot: System Support
  6. Refactored Relational Database to Support Cable Services Operations
  7. Found You! A Compass to Your Friends
  8. The Jungle: An Educational App for Kids
  9. ReminderBinder: Social Integration of Note Taking and To-Do Lists
  10. Mathapalooza: Tutoring App for K-8 Students
  11. Geography 101: Discover the World
  12. Virtualization of Production Environments for Classroom Instruction and Academic Research
  13. YWCA Donation Management and Reporting System Prototype
  14. Online Presence for RS Fireworks through Interactive Web Design
  15. Cloud Services Policy Management System
  16. Learning Java with Green: Quoridor Battle Royal
  17. The Pantry – Managing Applicant, Donor, and Food Inventory Data at Food Bank
  18. Exercise Tracker – An Exercise in Database Design and Implementation
  19. Why worry about your IT Problem Management ? Use We Fix It!
  20. Triple Play Survey Center
  21. Logistics and Supply Chain for Manufacturing and Distributing Agricultural Products

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