Hour of Code


Computer science provides a foundation for virtually any career. Simple computer science activities can help nurture creativity and problem solving skills. Everybody can benefit from learning the basics.

In fall of 2013, a group of very passionate UNH Manchester Computer Information System’s degree students started UNH’s first Computing Club. Computing Club’s first event was part of a massive campaign organized by code.org, to get 10 million students of all ages to try computer science for one hour during Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 9-15). The Computing Club’s personal goal was to get as many non-computing major students and faculty at UNH Manchester to try programming.

With Computer Science Education Week falling on the same week as finals week at UNH, the club realistically knew they may not be able to steal an hour of everyone’s time.  So, students were encouraged to spend at least 10-15 minutes coding an animated holiday E-card using a very simple, beginner coding interface called Scratch. For some, it was something quick and fun to try before the winter vacation to share with their families, for others it provided a short break to escape from studying. A few participants enjoyed themselves so much that they did spend the whole hour coding a pretty elaborate holiday E-card.

UNH Manchester’s Hour of Code event was a huge success! There was a lot of interest gathered and both participants and volunteers enjoyed themselves. The Computing Club is looking forward to making a bigger presence at the school in the future. Thanks to volunteers Pauline Wilk, Colby Johnson, David Meehan, Michael Jonas, Mihaela Sabin, Andrew George, Mohamed Fadlalla, Saverna Ahmad, Forrest Surprenant, and Zack Dudek for helping create the template and aid participants with the program.

Check out the projects here

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