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Battle Royal Fall 2013


Each semester, students in the COMP 425 Introduction to Programming course compete in a battle of wits. They work in pairs, programming to perfection a “computer” player strategy in a virtual version of the board game Quoridor. Quoridor software was created by Michael Jonas, assistant professor of computer science in the Computing Technology program. Coming up with gaming strategies not only requires knowledge of programming concepts, but also creativity and logic.

At the end of the fall 2013 semester, joined with the annual Computing Technology Holiday Party, COMP 425 hosted the Battle Royal, where the students’ strategies were all faced against each other. The participants had a little extra fun with the competition and added intensity by playing music from the Star Wars soundtrack as they watched the games play out. After some light and friendly poking between the competitors, the masterminds behind the winning strategy came out to be the team of  Mohamed Fadlalla and Omeed Ghafari.  Second place went to the one man team of Zeb Wood. Third place went to the team of Julian Consoli and Jonathan O’Rourke. This year’s prize was a scholarship for each team member and a delicious chocolate Godiva reindeer. Congratulations to this semester’s Battle Royal Winners!

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CT Students Succeed In Northeastern Regional Programming Contest

From left to right: Tommy McCarthy, Scott Adie, Michael Jonas, James Bartoldus, Mihaela Sabin, Victor Smith

Last spring, four CT students traveled to Hamden, Connecticut to participate in the CCSCNE-2012 Computer Programming Contest at the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Conference – Northeastern Region.

CIS majors Scott Adie and Tom McCarthy and EET/CT majors James Bartoldus and Victor Smith formed one of the competing groups. Contestants were given three hours to solve a set of problems, which could be completed in any order. When a group agreed upon a solution, they were able to submit their answer using specialized software, and the judge’s decisions for individual problems were communicated back to the contestants in the same way.

UNH Manchester placed 11th out of 27 teams from predominately Computer Science oriented programs. This was the first time that UNH Manchester had participated in the competition, and the contestants were happy to represent their school and participate in what proved to be a great learning experience.  McCarthy commented, “All in all, it was a great experience, socially and academically. It was an interesting exposure to the educational community, and the programming contest was extremely challenging, but also exciting because of the three of us working together to solve the problems.”

If interested in participating in the next programming contest in April 2013, contact Mihaela Sabin or Michael Jonas.

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