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Alumni Corner – Interview with Matt Vartanian


We recently interviewed alumnus Matt Vartanian. Here’s what he had to say about his time before and after graduating from UNH Manchester!

Where do you work?

I am a Network Engineer at Philips Healthcare in Andover, Massachusetts. I work on a team that creates specifications for hospital networks running Philips patient monitoring devices. We validate and verify a wide variety of configurations for networks that carry real-time physiological patient data.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy problem solving, and there is plenty of opportunity for that at my job! While I have key objectives and projects to focus on, I also have the freedom to think independently and focus on areas in our systems that I think need attention. However, I think the most rewarding part of my job is realizing that the documentation and consulting provided by my group improves the lives of patients in hospitals all over the world!

What advice do you have for current CIS majors?

Study hard! The curriculum at UNHM is excellently designed for providing a well-rounded platform from which to start. You increase your value to a company by maintaining a wide variety of skills. At my job, I have used skills I learned from courses focused on databases, object oriented programming, excel spreadsheets, and networking concepts. When you graduate with knowledge of the basics of software engineering, database management, computer networking and administration, you can apply for entry level positions in any one of them, and choose your focus later.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In a couple of years, I expect to become a Senior Network Engineer for Philips. This comes with greater responsibility and I expect to take on more challenging and exciting work during the years to come.

Was there anything you wish you had done?

I wish I had made time for math and basic electronics classes to supplement my CIS courses. Maybe I’ll return someday!

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Congratulations to December and September 2012 Graduates!


Dean Rafieymehr awarding four of the nine BS CIS graduates with their diplomas.

Congratulations to BS CIS September and December 2012 graduates, Damir Ibrahimovic, Jeffrey William Knight, John Sjoberg Maddaus III, Eric Thomas Murphy, Paskale Odongo, Christopher Reekie, Jonathan W. Schultz, Thomas Michael Tierney, and Cedric R. Woodbury!

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Student Story – Alex Scripcenco


Alex Scripcenco seen in front of the UNHM Pandora building.

by Erin Clark, English major

When you first meet Alex Scripcenco, you might be hard pressed to find a hint of an accent behind his excellent English. But for this graduate student, English is a second language after Russian and followed by conversational Romanian. Language barriers are just a small sample of challenges this student faces, but he is overcoming these challenges and taking full advantage of the opportunities here at UNH Manchester.

Scripcenco is in his second semester as a graduate student and is studying to get his Masters of Science in Information Technology (MSIT). After moving to the states from Moldova, Scripcenco applied to the new program in 2011 because his engineering degree is not recognized in this country. He was hoping to gain a good educational background, and had heard good things about UNH Manchester.

Scripcenco is currently working full time as a technical consultant for Sprint and taking grad classes part time. Someday he hopes to start his own business in IT consulting, but he hopes to work for a large company to gain experience first. Scripcenco chose this field because “it’s all about connecting,” and where education is such a huge investment nowadays, he wanted to be sure that what he was studying would be relevant now as well as ten years from now. Already, the field has developed tremendously since he graduated, and at times it can be challenging to catch up.

Despite the challenges, he is happy to be here and working hard. When I asked what the main differences were between the education here in America and back in Moldova, he said “back home, everything is much more traditional. Here, there are so many resources available because of the Internet. Everything is online, and you have more of a choice in what you can study here,” once again proving how great the resources and opportunities are at UNH Manchester.

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Alumni Corner — Interview with Alumnus Bethany Ross

Bethany, center-right, having fun with coworkers at her new job.

We asked Bethany Ross, an alumnus from the UNH Manchester CIS program, a few questions about her new job and her time spent at UNH Manchester!
Where do you work?
I am an eCommerce Support Representative at Dyn (Dynamic Network Services) in Manchester, NH. I provide technical support to close to half a million home users and small businesses with a specialization in billing and abuse.
What do you like about your job?
The environment at Dyn is unlike any other place I have worked. I get to wear jeans and tee shirts to work and play foosball. Another aspect that I love about my job is that I seem to learn something new everyday. It’s crazy to me that I spend 40 hours a week doing something that was a focus of only an hour of one of my CIS classes.
What advice do you have for current CIS majors?
Try everything and get involved! When I was a freshman I would have never seen myself doing what I do now, but I enjoy it. Also take classes in departments that aren’t CIS, you’ll learn things that are helpful in any field such as communication skills.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself in a supervisory role doing something in the IT field. Hopefully I’ll be finishing a master’s degree by then too!
Was there anything you wish you had done? 
I wish I had gotten involved as an Orientation Leader earlier. I became an Orientation Leader partly to overcome my fear of talking to large groups of people that I didn’t know. Let me tell you, talking to 40 new students with all eyes on you is a quick way to overcome it. I also met faculty and students I would not have met other ways.
We like to stay connected with our alumni and get them involved with our community. How would you like to stay involved and share your professional knowledge and expertise with us?
I really enjoyed when former students came in and talked to current students, I would love to do that. Interesting part of that is, when I met with one former student in the Internship Experience class, she was actually working in the department at Dyn where I work in now. I would also like to get involved in anything that gets more young girls involved in technology, there is such a gender gap in the field. I was the only woman that graduated with a BS in CIS in May 2012, I would love to see that never happen again!

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Alumni Corner – Interview with Alumnus Dan Pepin

Dan Pepin

We contacted an alumnus from the UNH Manchester CIS program and asked him a few questions.

Where do you work?

Digital Bungalow in Salem, Mass. It is a web development agency, focusing on building websites in PHP and Drupal.
What do you like about your job?
It’s a great place to work because of the amount of freedom I have to share my ideas, and everyone is great to work with. I find that working with the right people is really what makes or breaks a job, and I love the people I work with.
Also, Digital Bungalow is a fairly small company, so getting your ideas heard is quite easy, and when you complete a project, you really feel that you contributed to the company.
(DB is always looking for good talent to hire and to intern)
What advice do you have for current CIS majors?
1) Mass has a lot of CIS related opportunities but is much more expensive to live in than NH. If you can, try to stay in NH.
2) Boost your resume. Education is good for getting a job, but most employers like to see some personal projects you have been working on. Create a GitHub repo, build a website, write a blog, etc…
3) Get your resume on Monster and other similar websites. I had many recruiters contacting me about open positions. Recruiters are great because they do the searching for you.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
No idea. I could still be working at Digital Bungalow, or I may move between 2 or 3 more companies. I am a fluid person who likes to embrace new and exciting opportunities.
What was your favorite part about being a CIS major?
CIS is a great major to earn in today’s technological world. There are many, many job opportunities out there. Honestly, I had no trouble finding a job.
Was there anything you wish you had done? 
More programming. The CIS curriculum I was in had PHP for a web programming language, but it would have been great to dive into Ruby, Python, Go, Perl, Java, ASP.NET, and others…
We like to stay connected with our alumni and get them involved with our community. How would you like to stay involved and share your professional knowledge and expertise with us?
Honestly, I would consider an adjunct faculty position after spending some time working, and only if I moved back to NH. I could certainty teach an advanced web development course focusing on PHP, Drupal, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

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Two Computing and Engineering Technology Graduates Begin Their Jobs the Same Day

Bethany Ross (CIS’12) and Brian Avery (EET/CT’12) happen to begin their jobs the same day, July 9th, 2012.

Bethany assumes the position of Technical Client Service Representative at Dyn in downtown Manchester, a infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) leader, specializing in both managed DNS and Email Delivery for the enterprise client, small business and personal user.

Brian will be a software engineer at Acme Packet in Bedford MA, the leader in session delivery network solutions, which enable the trusted, first-class delivery of next-generation voice, data and unified communications services and applications across IP networks.

Coincidence? On the surface, maybe. In essence, no. Both Bethany and Brian impressed their employers with strong technical skills and professional knowledge, relevant internship and project experience, and evidence-supported communication and team work skills. That’s what the Computing and Engineering Technology programs are about!

Bethany is the recipient of the 2012 Karla Vogel Excellence in CIS Award. Brian is the recipient of the 2011 Alumni Meritorious Service Award.

Congratulations, Bethany and Brian!

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Where Recent BS CIS Graduates Work

Fall 2012 MillWorks will highlight the jobs some of the UNH Manchester recent grads got immediately following graduation. We reached out through LinkedIn and other channels to the BS CIS and BS EET/CT ’11 and ’12 graduates, and this is what we’ve assembled so far.

Congratulations, and join unhcomptech LinkedIn group to network with peers and BS CIS alumni. Best strategy to advance your career!

  • Brian Avery (EET/CT ’12), Software Engineer, Acme Packet, Bedford, MA
  • James Bartoldus (EET/CT ’12), Software Engineer, DEKA, Manchester, NH
  • Brian Block (CIS ’11), Quality Assurance Engineer, EMC, Nashua, NH
  • Matthew Edmonds (CIS ’11), IT Analyst, Liberty Mutual, Dover, NH
  • John Grossmith (CIS ’12), Associates Sales Consultant, Oracle, Burlington, MA
  • Scott Innes (CIS ’12), Tax Exempt Representative, Fidelity Investments, Merrimack, NH
  • Jeffrey Lavoie (CIS ’11), Technical Recruiter, CORE Information Technology, Salem, NH
  • Andres Lara (CIS ’11), Professional Service Engineer, Enterasys, Andover, MA
  • Joseph Legerstee (CIS ’11), Signal Communications Platoon Leader, 372nd Signal Company, Manchester, NH
  • Daniel Lutz (CIS ’11), IT Specialist, New England Document Systems, Manchester, NH
  • Sky Norman (CIS ’11), System Administrator, Newmarket International, Inc., Newmarket, NH
  • Daniel Pepin (CIS ’11), Web Developer & Programmer, Digital Bungalow, Salem, MA
  • Brice Rader (CIS ’12), Software Developer, Small Business Computers of New England, Manchester, NH
  • Bethany Ross (CIS ’12), Technical Client Service Representative, Dyn Manchester, NH
  • Matthew Vartanian (CIS ’12), Network Engineer, Philips Healthcare, Adover, MA
  • Matthew Wakim (CIS ’12) IT Support, Fish & Richardson, P.C., Boston, MA
  • Michael Williman (CIS ’12) IT Analyst, Liberty Mutual, Dover, NH

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