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UNH Manchester Holds Mobile App Development Program For Teachers

Teachers from NH work on developing a mobile app.

Last Friday, high school teachers from across the state were invited to UNH Manchester to learn mobile app development techniques in an event sponsored by the Career Development Bureau. Participants used MIT “App Inventor” on Motorola X phones running the Android operating system to develop and implement their first mobile app, a spin off of “Hello World” programs called “Hello Kitty.” Instructor Patrick Lagace, a Computer Science teacher at the Cheshire Career Center at Keene High School and adjunct faculty member at Keene State College lead the discussions for the creation of this simple app. Once completed, the app contained a picture of a cat which, when touched, would meow or purr. Upon shaking the screen, however, the cat would meow and hiss. About 30 people were enrolled in this free program, and attendees were given free lunch, as well as a hard copy of the book “App Inventor: Create your Own Android Apps,” by David Wilber, Hal Abelson, Ellen Spertus and Liz Looney.

UNH Manchester will offer a Mobile App Development course this Spring. CIS majors as well as anyone with an interest in mobile computing are encouraged to enroll.

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